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Hello Fellow Marketers,

We Hope You and Yours are Well!

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Have a Fantastic Day,


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Real Hot Traffic 4 You

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Hi Folks….

There are a few learning curves we ALL
go through when it comes to making money

But, The #1 problem when it comes
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So We wanted to Share a Few Traffic
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Have a fantastic Day,

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New Site Launch

Hi Everybody,


We have Launched a New Promo Code Site
and Downline Builder for ALL Our Sites!

Get in Early, It is LOADED with Promo
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Daily Quote and some small advice…

Back Again Folks….

Today’s Quote is from Steve Jobs,
“Master the topic, the message, and the delivery.” — Steve Jobs

I think about this often. I will say, that owning
many Exchanges and seeing lots of Ads, after a lot
of years of marketing myself, that people just
write, or copy ads, that are way too long!

From Login Ads, which only show for seconds, to
Solo Ads, that read like a book. Here is my constant
advice. Your headline needs to get them to open
it, your body only needs to get them to click that
link… Let your webpage do the selling!

Simple, yet many just waste credits on login ads
that they will not possibly have time to read, the
best is a simple 600×300 banner, or something simular.
You have only seconds to catch their attention and
get them to click.

And… Solo Ads, they are going to get this in their
inbox, I find that you really need one or two, sentences,
a paragraph at most, to get them to click that link.
I get thousands a day, it would be impossible to
read them all. Even when I am clicking for credits,
I often won’t bother to scroll down to a link. I
click all the ads that have the link above the window
line of my email client. I dump the rest! Many, many
people follow this same pattern. Make the link come
fast, and make your ad copy, make them want to click
it fast too!

Talk Again Soon:-)

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A little about Marketing Quotes and a Gift!

Hi Again Folks…

This is a long read…

So, I think I will add in quotes along with
the daily National Days, actually choose a
different one each day!

So… I listen a lot to many different marketing
‘Experts’ on a regular basis. Guys like Brian Tracy,
Dale Carnegie, Seth Godin, Neil Patel, Tim Ferris,
the list is endless, one of my favorites was none other
tha Zig Ziglar, this quote below was on target:

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” — Zig Ziglar

Some sayings aren’t even Marketers, but amount to the same thing:
Wayne Gretzky: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take!”

So, Sometimes these quotes I hear, or read make me think
about what I’m really trying to attain, I was thinking about
where I’m really headed… Guru? Marketeing-Vana, Wealth, and
realized just doing what I love to do… I’m already
retired, why do I bother to keep doing this?

Well, one last quote, was also from Zig Ziglar:
“You can have everything in life you want, if you
will just help other people get what they want.”
— Zig Ziglar

Well, you may ask what I’m getting at? I was just mulling
about things and day dreaming what the gift for today
was… so aside from giving you some tidbits to
think about, I think I’ll pass the download page
of any product on our current list for Free, to our FB
Group members today!

So, pick any product on this list:

and put in a Support Ticket with your FB Username, and
where to send it, and we’ll send you the download link:-)

So back to the above, you don’t have to answer anyone
but yourself… where are you headed? what are your goals?
Are You taking Your Best Shots? Are You on Target?
And lastly, are you helping others get what they want?

Have a Fantastic Day and Week!!!

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Huge Summer Blowout Sale!

Hey Everyone…

Have You Seen Our Summer Blowout Yet?

We have put together a Huge Package of
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We will be working on our mailers over
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The Offer won’t last too long, so don’t
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Have a Fantastic Weekend!


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Great Product Recommendation

We are kinda limit on making
recommendations for outside products,
meaning not our own… But,

We wanted to give you another product
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Traffic Blaster Pro!!!

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Have a Great Day!


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Summer Price Changes

Hey Everyone….

As you all may know things slow down a bit
for summer, least they always seem to for us!


We will be making some Summer changes
to Prices and many other things over the coming
days. We also wanted to give you this code today
for $25 off any upgrades at Premium Leads Club:


We are dropping prices, and using the code
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Our other sites are all being dropped too!
We will also be working on OTO’s and other
Bonuses, so keep your eyes open for New

Have a Great Day and Rest of Your Week!!!

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List Building, the One Thing!

Hello Folks…

Here is a 5 Minute Read that may help
some of you… depending how fast you

So I wanted to talk a bit about List Building

Almost 20 years Online Marketing, and it still
amazes me that people want Success, and want to
Earn Money Online, but, you still can’t get them
to understand the old ‘cliche’, ‘The Money is in
the List’!

‘List Building is how I was able to keep food
on the table for 15 of those years, and retire
at a young Age! And yes, there are ‘Gurus’ out
there that did it much earlier, but I also enjoyed
the Journey, or I would n’t still be doing it!
Difference is it’s more of a hobby now. The bills
are paid, no matter if I closed up shop, and took
all our sites offline! I really want to help poeple
get to List Building!

If you are going to succeed online, as every
Successsful Marketer, and Business, will tell
you, YOUR MAIN FOCUS needs to be List Building!

Everyday, Everything You Do, Should Revolve
around List Building and/or the Components that
make it a quality List. And, learning more about
it. I am still learning daily. There is only one
constant, that is, ‘There are No Constants’, in
Technology and Marketing too!

I know this was short and not really detailed.But,
I hope Some of You who aren’t Building
Your List, will get on the ball!

Our Flagship Site, Premium Leads Club is set
up to help you do just that. Why not check it
out, Join and get some free advertising and get
started building your List:

And in parting, Go Now, ‘get er’ done’ as
Larry the Cable guy used to say!

Have a Great Rest of Your Week,

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