News and Things…

Hi Everyone…

We will have a Upcoming Big,
(at least to us it’s big:-))
Announcement for a Few of our
Sites! Stay tuned over the next
few days as this just might
interest active members and those
who want even More Advertising

So we are going to make some changes
to how you can earn across our network
starting today. We will be increasing
things across our network and will be
announcing them as they get done. So
keep your eyes open:-)

Also… We have a New Promo Code Idea!

We are going to give a Promo Code away
EVERY Day to one of our Sites!

Today you can get $3 and 300 Mailing
Credits at ‘Last Chance Mailer’ so,
if you don’t belong Join Here:

Use the Promo Code: FreeDaily

These Codes will ONLY be good
for the day, so don’t wait or you’ll
miss them!!!

Best Regards,


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