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Back Again Folks….

Today’s Quote is from Steve Jobs,
“Master the topic, the message, and the delivery.” — Steve Jobs

I think about this often. I will say, that owning
many Exchanges and seeing lots of Ads, after a lot
of years of marketing myself, that people just
write, or copy ads, that are way too long!

From Login Ads, which only show for seconds, to
Solo Ads, that read like a book. Here is my constant
advice. Your headline needs to get them to open
it, your body only needs to get them to click that
link… Let your webpage do the selling!

Simple, yet many just waste credits on login ads
that they will not possibly have time to read, the
best is a simple 600×300 banner, or something simular.
You have only seconds to catch their attention and
get them to click.

And… Solo Ads, they are going to get this in their
inbox, I find that you really need one or two, sentences,
a paragraph at most, to get them to click that link.
I get thousands a day, it would be impossible to
read them all. Even when I am clicking for credits,
I often won’t bother to scroll down to a link. I
click all the ads that have the link above the window
line of my email client. I dump the rest! Many, many
people follow this same pattern. Make the link come
fast, and make your ad copy, make them want to click
it fast too!

Talk Again Soon:-)

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