Summer Price Changes

Hey Everyone….

As you all may know things slow down a bit
for summer, least they always seem to for us!


We will be making some Summer changes
to Prices and many other things over the coming
days. We also wanted to give you this code today
for $25 off any upgrades at Premium Leads Club:


We are dropping prices, and using the code
above will give you some real savings at

Our other sites are all being dropped too!
We will also be working on OTO’s and other
Bonuses, so keep your eyes open for New

Have a Great Day and Rest of Your Week!!!

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List Building, the One Thing!

Hello Folks…

Here is a 5 Minute Read that may help
some of you… depending how fast you

So I wanted to talk a bit about List Building

Almost 20 years Online Marketing, and it still
amazes me that people want Success, and want to
Earn Money Online, but, you still can’t get them
to understand the old ‘cliche’, ‘The Money is in
the List’!

‘List Building is how I was able to keep food
on the table for 15 of those years, and retire
at a young Age! And yes, there are ‘Gurus’ out
there that did it much earlier, but I also enjoyed
the Journey, or I would n’t still be doing it!
Difference is it’s more of a hobby now. The bills
are paid, no matter if I closed up shop, and took
all our sites offline! I really want to help poeple
get to List Building!

If you are going to succeed online, as every
Successsful Marketer, and Business, will tell
you, YOUR MAIN FOCUS needs to be List Building!

Everyday, Everything You Do, Should Revolve
around List Building and/or the Components that
make it a quality List. And, learning more about
it. I am still learning daily. There is only one
constant, that is, ‘There are No Constants’, in
Technology and Marketing too!

I know this was short and not really detailed.But,
I hope Some of You who aren’t Building
Your List, will get on the ball!

Our Flagship Site, Premium Leads Club is set
up to help you do just that. Why not check it
out, Join and get some free advertising and get
started building your List:

And in parting, Go Now, ‘get er’ done’ as
Larry the Cable guy used to say!

Have a Great Rest of Your Week,

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Post for June 14 2022

Hi Again Everyone….

So tonight’s drawing at Premium Leads
Club will be a Triple Play….

Just Click 20 Ads and be entered
for the following Prize:

30000 points
3 solo(s)
3 banner(s) with 1000 views
3 text link(s) with 1000 views
3 login ad(s) with 1000 views
3 fullpage ad(s) with 1000 views

And Todays Daily Bonus Promo Code
is SMB500

It is good at Solo Mail Blast for a 5
Pack of Ads. If you don’t belong, or you
are a Pro Member, we are going to give
away JV Upgrades for today only!

Just Submit a Support Ticket with Your

It is a Bonus Code due to Solo
Mail Blast Surpasssing 500 Members
and just a little history… This site
was our 1st and is almost 2 Years old!
Lots of sites Never Make it!

Now the Video Today is Why Use Bing Ads?

As a Bonus for Our Members Only, We
are going to let you download Microsoft Ads
Training Kit, Directly from Our Download Page:

This Product is for Your Personal Use
Only! It is a Product We Sell Online for
$17.95 and is packed with Information
for Using Microsoft Ads!

Enjoy Your Day, and be Prosperous!!!

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Hi Folks…Premium Leads Club Update!

We want to inform everyone of the

We are changing how our Autoresponder
system Works at Premium Leads Club.
We will be shutting OFF the Autoresponder
system for Free Members.

If you are a Free Member, you can upgrade
to Gold for Free Using this Code: FreeGold622

Have a Fantastic Rest of Your Weekend,


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Website Traffic Games!

Hi Folks…

I forgot I was going to Mention, one of my
favorite lines from #yellowstone was ‘Jimmy,
Cowboys don’t say goodbye, We say ‘See ya Later,
until we’re in the &%#$ing Dirt!

So it got me thinking that I needed to Remind
Everyone we are 8 days away from the Hogdrop
game at Website Traffic Games, with Last Chance

Actually 2 Dates right now June 10th and 12th, We
will be doing a lot more in the future, but just wanted
to get our feet wet and see how it goes:-)

Don’t Belong Yet? Join through our link for
5000 Credits, Banners, Text Ads, Square
Banners at ‘Last Chance Mailer’ Both links
are below, get in on the Action!

Have a Fantastic Day, The Weekend is Almost Here,
Peace and Prosperity!!!

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Hey Everybody…

Solo Mail Blast, and Atomic Solos
are now in Referral Frenzy!

If you don’t belong yet, Join through
Our link for 50 HP Solo Ads:

and here are our sites if you don’t
belong to them:

Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!


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Humpday 05-25-2022 News!

Hi Everyone…

Happy Humpday…
We have a Winner!!!

Last Nights Drawing was Won by: lfleury

They picked up:
10000 points
5 solo(s)
5 banner(s) with 1000 views
5 text link(s) with 1000 views
5 fullpage ad(s) with 500 views

Happy National Wine Day!

To Celebrate we are giving 1000 Mailing/1000
Banners, and 1000 Text Ads at Extreme Viral
Mailer, Just Use the Code: Wine525

Don’t Belong Yet? Join Now and Collect:

We have Uploaded a New Video on Solo Ads:

If your in the mood to try some responsive
Solos, Check out our link Below:

Have a Fantastic Day!!!

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We have added ‘Last Chance Mailer to…

Hi Everyone…

We have added ‘Last Chance Mailer‘ to
WebSite Taffic Games:
Plus Join through Our Link Above, if You don’t
belong already, and we’ll give you 1000 Mailing
Credits at Last Chance Mailer or 10 Solo Ads
at any of our other sites, just put in a support
ticket to claim!
Now at Last Chance Mailer we host the games on June 10th
just read 10 mails, You will see an Icon come up “hogdrop” click on it
you can play the game remotely and win prizes which
will go automatically into your Website Traffic Games
account! We are already in the downline builder there!

Have a Great Day!

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Our 60 Second Traffic Offer!

Hi Folks,

After Much testing and favorable Results,
we have decided to offer this deal. But
first let us say this is a pretty good
app. We have gotten great response with it.

So for a lot of Traffic give it a try…

Purchases through our link will get you
75,000 Credits at the Site of your Choice.
(Ours of Course!)

It’s not New, but with time to test and
evaluate this product, we Introduce…

60 Second Traffic:

Have a Fantastic Day!

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Weekly Winners and More!

Hey Folks Look at Our Winner Last Night
Again… Congratulations goes out to Member:


20000 points
2 solo(s)
2 banner(s) with 1000 views
2 text link(s) with 1000 views
2 login ad(s) with 500 views
2 fullpage ad(s) with 1000 views

This Member has also Won an Activity
Reward of: Platinum Upgrade!

Congratulations wafa!!!

So… Tonights Drawing will be for:

40000 points
4 banner(s) with 400 views
4 text link(s) with 400 views
4 login ad(s) with 400 views
4 fullpage ad(s) with 400 views

Click 4 Ads Only to be entered to Win!!!



We also have a New Video Up:

Have a Great Rest of Your Weekend!


Today We have a New Promo Code for
Solo Mail Blast… if you don’t belong
already get over there and claim 10
HP Solo Ads with this code: SMB5222022

Also the Weeks Winners for Our Drawing
have been posted on our blog:

Have a Fantastic Day!!!


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