Our 60 Second Traffic Offer!

Hi Folks,

After Much testing and favorable Results,
we have decided to offer this deal. But
first let us say this is a pretty good
app. We have gotten great response with it.

So for a lot of Traffic give it a try…

Purchases through our link will get you
75,000 Credits at the Site of your Choice.
(Ours of Course!)

It’s not New, but with time to test and
evaluate this product, we Introduce…

60 Second Traffic:

Have a Fantastic Day!

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Weekly Winners and More!

Hey Folks Look at Our Winner Last Night
Again… Congratulations goes out to Member:


20000 points
2 solo(s)
2 banner(s) with 1000 views
2 text link(s) with 1000 views
2 login ad(s) with 500 views
2 fullpage ad(s) with 1000 views

This Member has also Won an Activity
Reward of: Platinum Upgrade!

Congratulations wafa!!!

So… Tonights Drawing will be for:

40000 points
4 banner(s) with 400 views
4 text link(s) with 400 views
4 login ad(s) with 400 views
4 fullpage ad(s) with 400 views

Click 4 Ads Only to be entered to Win!!!



We also have a New Video Up:

Have a Great Rest of Your Weekend!


Today We have a New Promo Code for
Solo Mail Blast… if you don’t belong
already get over there and claim 10
HP Solo Ads with this code: SMB5222022

Also the Weeks Winners for Our Drawing
have been posted on our blog:

Have a Fantastic Day!!!


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Happy World Whiskey Day!!!

Your Banner Here Across Our Network – Click for Information!
Happy World Whiskey Day!!!

Read a Little History Here:

Well, we have a saying where I’m
from, (The West), “Whiskey is for
drinking, and water is for fighting over!”
Still is today, and with Mega Drought
conditions doesn’t seem like it will
change soon!

So… Today we have a Promo Code
for The Matrix Mailer!


Use this Code: SurfSaturday521
You Will have to click 3 Ads, but
this comes with an Upgrade:

Mailing Credits:
Banners Imp:
SQ Banner Imp:
Text Imp:
Blue Pill – Limited

And All Surf, Ad Click, and Purchases
are Doubled for Saturday Surf:-) We
will be working on a Video a bit later!

Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!

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News and Things…

Hi Everyone…

We will have a Upcoming Big,
(at least to us it’s big:-))
Announcement for a Few of our
Sites! Stay tuned over the next
few days as this just might
interest active members and those
who want even More Advertising

So we are going to make some changes
to how you can earn across our network
starting today. We will be increasing
things across our network and will be
announcing them as they get done. So
keep your eyes open:-)

Also… We have a New Promo Code Idea!

We are going to give a Promo Code away
EVERY Day to one of our Sites!

Today you can get $3 and 300 Mailing
Credits at ‘Last Chance Mailer’ so,
if you don’t belong Join Here:


Use the Promo Code: FreeDaily

These Codes will ONLY be good
for the day, so don’t wait or you’ll
miss them!!!

Best Regards,


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Hidden Features! 25 Fun Things You Can Do With DuckDuckGo Search Engine

Hey Everybody…

So I don’t really know if your Privacy
Concerned or not. But, I personally use
Google for instance, very little. My go to
search engine has been DuckDuckGo for a
long time.

I got this update this morning from It’s Foss
who I also follow:

Hidden Features! 25 Fun Things You Can Do With DuckDuckGo Search Engine

I thought some of you might be interested
if you don’t get it, or haven’t seen it

Have a Great Day!

In Part Taken From It’s Foss:

Welcome to It’s FOSS

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April Monthly Referral Contest Winners!

Congratulation to the Following
Monthly Referral Contest Winners

for April!

Martin Chantler 27
Doug Hermiston 9
Frank White 7

1st – 100,000 Advertising Credits
…Plus 1 Daily Bonus Spots Credited to Your Account!

2nd – 75,000 Advertising Credits
1 Spot on the Grid Click for a Month!

3rd – 50,000 Advertising Credits

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The Facebook Police are after me:-)

Hey Guys, and Gals,

Tried post these to the Group and
FB wouldn’t let me, I checked the
disagree box, but they never respond.

I think there is a lot of other stuff
they should censor besides Traffic

I did a few updates today. But, thought
I would share it to the group as I think
it’s a pretty good resource:

I also wanted to add Martin Chandler’s
Site: https://reducethehype.com/

So Rock On and Happy Promoting,
Another Week is Upon Us Hit it Hard!!!

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We are getting things added…

Well we will be adding a lot more of course. But wanted to

make an official 1st post. I know we have put this information

out in the past, but here is an interesting site, and some Free

or low cost Traffic Sources: https://www.incomediary.com/drive-more-traffic

We will continue adding more as time goes on so check back




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